Faith United Methodist Church
Friday, December 06, 2019
Living God's Word & Sharing God's Love

Our Heritage

Faith United Methodist Church is the successful merger of three smaller chapels: Arlington Heights Chapel, Wesley Chapel, and Mount Zion Church. Arlington Heights Chapel was located on White Street in Stroud Township in the Arlington Heights District. Wesley Chapel was located on Route 611,three miles orth of Stroudsburg.  Mount Zion Church was located on the corner of what is now Wigwam Park Drive and Chipperfield Drive.

Arlington Heights Chapel and Wesley Chapel voted to become one congregation on Sunday, May 24, 1965 and became known as Arlington-Wesley Church. During the following year, the building became too small for the growing congregation. Therefore, property was purchased on Hill Street in Stroud Township, which provided a very beautiful view of the rural countryside and community life. Beginning on November 10, 1965, worship services were moved to the new location.

In 1977, Arlington-Wesley and Mount Zion were placed on a two-point charge, which was known for a short time as Trinity Parish. On March 9, 1981, the two congregations merged and became Faith United Methodist Church. Immediately, they began planning for a new sanctuary. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on June 10, 1984, and the new sanctuary was dedicated on March 25, 1985. Because of the Stroudsburg Readdressing Project in 2011, Hill Street was changed to Clause Drive.

At Faith UMC, we believe that our Core Purpose is to Love God and Love Others. In 2014, we adopted a new Vision Statement: To Be a Living Example of Jesus Christ.

God has blessed Faith United Methodist Church with a wonderful spirit, dedicated leaders, passionate hearts, and giving hands. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, may we continue to grow in faith, worship with joy, serve in the example of Christ, and minister to the needs around us—all to the glory of God.



We joyfully remember the leadership of Faith’s ministers:


Rev. Leon Bird 1981 - 1986                   Rev. Carole Wood 2002 - 2010

Rev. Kenneth Heller 1986 - 1991            Rev. David Goss 2010

Rev. Salim Khan 1991 - 1995                 Rev. Amy Banka 2010 - 2014

Rev. Joseph Barth 1995 - 2002              Rev. Candy LaBar 2014- 2019

Rev. Zimran Khan 2019 - Present